Poland, September 2nd, 1939. Irene runs away keeping a secret...

The story of this short takes place in the beginning of the II World War, filmed originally in german language.

The music score, present all over the film, turns into a decisive main character due to the lack of spoken dialogues, helping at any moment what the action needs, giving to the story an ambience that fits perfectly with the story shown in the images, improving a dramatic component that elevates the final result of the film to a higher level.

WUNDER won the "Award of Merit" at "THE ACCOLADE FILM AWARDS" (USA) in January 2010. This only confirms that WUNDER has converted in a little jewel, and represents one of the composer's favorite scores he's composed to date.


01. Main Credits
02. Nazis
03. Looking for Irene
04. Irene's Death
05. Finale
06. End Credits


07. Trailer Music

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