These are some themes that are not part of any soundtrack, but which have a story behind which they are part, either because they were the inspiration for the creation of the theme, or because they are a small part of a much larger work... and that perhaps someday it could see the light.
SUN RIDER. Music composed by QuasarSonic (2017).Click en la imagen para agrandar.

Copyright © 2018

We are in the XXII century. The power of the Asian mafias has spread throughout the world turning them into supranational criminal organizations. These organizations have thrived thanks to the advancement of technology and the slowness of international laws. One of these technological advances allows them to camouflage themselves in broad daylight, since the hiding technology filters and redirects sunlight in a way that makes them invisible during the day.

Given these advances, the police of certain megacities has increased night patrols to the detriment of the day, since it is night when the concealment technology can not use sunlight to function. The individuals who belong to the mafias and who use this technology are dangerous criminals, they are the Sun Riders.

THE UNKNOWN FORCE. Music composed by QuasarSonic (2017).Click on image to enlarge.

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In a not too distant future, massive robotization is a reality. After a hard workday at the component factory, she returns home at dusk. She even hasn’t had time to completely take off her workwear when she notices it. There is something different that rarefy the environment, a feeling... strange. Without knowing what happens, her body rises like repelled from the ground. She struggles to keep her balance, but after a few seconds she succeeds. It is strange and terrifying. She doesn’t understand anything, but, in her life, an unknown force has just been revealed.
BATTLE IN THE MIST. Music composed by QuasarSonic (2015-2017). Click on image to enlarge.

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In the depths of the forest, the black color of the night begins to turn blue, but the dawn is still far away. In search of an exit, a group of warriors of very diverse nature will look at death with courage, and will have to face formidable adversaries to continue their search, the search for freedom, the search for... The Edge.