The enormous creativity of the director Rubén Arnaiz leads to the production of "The Stranger Who Came From The Deep", a short film inside the universe of "Sandra Munt", also created by the director, and inspired by the work of the writer H. P. Lovecraft.

Filmed as a silent film and in black and white, "The Stranger Who Came From The Deep" is a mixture of horror, fantasy and thriller, set in Spain in the early twentieth century ravaged by the Flu. Since there is no dialogue or sound, the importance of music is primary and it is present for almost the entire duration of the film.

Here is presented all the music of the film, including the theme for the trailer of "Sandra Munt" included in the montage, the brother-film from the universe of "The Stranger Who Came From The Deep".

In addition, numerous alternative versions made during the process of music composition have been included. Many of these tracks were composed to emphasize the tragic love story of the two protagonists, Lucio and Clara, but ultimately were rejected to offer a vision of the story focused on the horror and intrigue components.


  1. Main Titles
  2. The Flu
  3. Clara's Disease
  4. The Search of The Stranger
  5. The Stranger
  6. Clara's Resurrection
  7. The Price of Life
  8. Lucio's Blood and Clara's Death
  9. The Revenge
  10. "... And That's the Story"
  11. Trailer Sandra Munt
  12. End Credits

  14. Main Titles (Lucio and Clara Love Theme)
  15. The Flu (alternate)
  16. Clara's Disease (alternate)
  17. The Stranger (alternate 1)
  18. The Stranger (alternate 2)
  19. Clara's Resurrection (alternate)
  20. Lucio's Blood and Clara's Death (alternate)
  21. The Revenge (alternate 1)
  22. The Revenge (alternate 2)
  23. Trailer Sandra Munt (alternate percussion)
  24. Trailer Sandra Munt (extended epic version)
  25. End Credits (alternate)
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The score has been awarded as Silver Medal Winner at the Global Music Awards (GMA) in California (USA), in the June 2016 edition.