"Sometimes when you wish for something hard enough, you forget what you really wanted…”


Any relationship is tough. But the one a writer has with its creation is also tense, difficult and complicated… Talking to others through somebody else has always been the perfect way to tell the truth. Perhaps the only way to be genuinely heard. Possibly the only means to reach immortality. And there, in that realm where fantasy and reality get mixed up and confused, is where two entities will scheme, negotiate and fight to tell a story, yes, but also to be remembered.

THE END is the story of the relationship among a writer and his character, a relationship that appears to be tense, difficult, hard, selfish and, at the same time, generous; an union which only aim is to produce the most incredible of the possible gifts: a book, and, with it, the immortality. But when the line that delimits what is real of what is imaginary gets confused, as well as the convictions of the involved ones in the creative process, it is possible to come to sacrifice even the most valued thing, the life; for which somebody manages to kill, even. Living forever is something that, in this story, only one will obtain.

THE END is a fantastic thriller, in occasions psychological. It supposes the second colabaration between QuasarSonic and the film producer CLAQUETA FINAL, after the successful Zapping Life.


01. The Book
02. Looking for Inspiration
03. Unknown Voice
04. Writing
05. Persuading the Writer
06. So Tired
07. I Can Hardly Hear You
08. Exchanging Existences
09. Where Am I?
10. What About Me?
11. The End
12. End Credits


13. End Credits (soft version)


© QuasarSonic 2012
The score has won the Award Of Excellence at the Global Music Awards (GMA) in California (USA), in the September 2012 edition.