Along the 21st century, the technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence make possible the global expansion of the intelligent robots as fundamental pieces in the daily life, doing the presence of the human beings innecessary in many jobs, and managing to handle the world military machinery.

In the middle of the 21st century, the creation of the Definitive Weapon, more powerful than the atomic bomb, leads many people to think that the fear to the use of this weapon will supose the end of all wars. Five years after its creation, the Third World War explodes, and the mankind is self destroyed, making the world devastated in only 24 hours.

In the year 2099, the terrestrial surface is an uninhabitable environment. Mankind has lost the Earth and survives in space stations placed in the planet's orbit. The human beings who survive need to pass an exhaustive examination made by the androids created in the past by them and that, in their role as consultant agents, they have the legal authority to decide on the suitability of the human beings to join to the life on the station.

RS-1281 is an ambitious short of science fiction directed by the versatile Rubén Arnaiz, and the music sets a technological, futurist and space environment.


01. The Story of the Last Century
02. Human Specimens Valuation Procedure
03. Can You Love?
04. Not Authorized Contact
05. My Name is Rebeca
06. RS-1281


07. Main Theme (alternate)

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The score has been awarded as Bronze Medal Winner at the Global Music Awards (GMA) in California (USA), in the July 2014 edition.