Pixel Theory: PANDORA'S BOX

In a future decadent world where "the Program" has terminated with creativity, humankind has taken refuge in virtual reality to live their dreams and adventures as the real world falls apart.

A professional player of the Laserball league is disqualified during the game and forced to be disconnected for a few hours. Returning to the real world, he is reunited with his father. The clash between their realities reopens old wounds. "When the same life does not wake up the interest of the alive ones, it is a sign of that the end cannot be too far".

Pandora's Box is a promotional short of the film Pixel Theory that explores the implications of the invention of a program capable of creating all the images that the human being can conceive. The multiwinning short confirms the enormous originality of director Daniel Hernández Torrado's project, in witch stands out the excellent technical quality.

In spite of having composed and synchronized the music for the complete short film, only the tracks 5 and 9 (the first one as the end credits track) were included in the final montage of the film. Here, all the music composed for the short film is presented, as well as alternative versions of some tracks composed during the process of creation of the score. In addition, the track Pandora's Box, the first piece composed for the short, is included, though, finally, it was used neither in the first montages nor in the final montage of the short.


  1. Laserball
  2. The Real World
  3. Eating
  4. This Is My Vision
  5. Failure of the System
  6. Battlefield
  7. End Credits

  9. Laserball (alternate)
  10. The Real World (film version)
  11. Laserball (without percussion)
  12. Eating (alternate)
  13. Laserball (piano & orchestra version)
  14. Pandora's Box
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The score has been awarded as Silver Medal Winner at the Global Music Awards (GMA) in California (USA), in the March 2015 edition.