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SHORT STORY OF A RELATIONSHIP (2015 Drama / Romantic).

The film developed in three acts about the sentimental relationship among a man and a woman, who meet in a restaurant to consolidate their romance... though the things are not as they seem.


FEEL, NOT TO SAY (2013 Drama / Romantic).

The film is focused on the relationship of many years, two friends (director and actress), which could be "something else", and the inability of people to say what they feel, be good or bad, to another person, for causes such as pride, shame, or false solitude.

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ZAPPING LIFE (2010 Comedy).

A family is hypnotized by their television, which shows them all sort of absurd and alienating programmes: advertisements, news, documentaries, quiz shows, etc. The family is trapped by the t.v. programmes, they live like mere spectators of their surrounding world and their own life until a dramatic series of events forces them to wake up to the awful reality.

Zapping Life is an acid and funny critic to the mass media.

The score is made up of two principal tracks (the main credits and the finale) and a lot of separate pieces developed in the short movie as TV themes, including films, spots, documentaries, quiz shows, debates, news...

THE END OF THE TRAIL (2004 Action / Drama/ Fantasy).

Every path has an end, but sometimes, although you don't want, doesn't depend on you to get there.

THE END OF THE TRAIL was one of the first scores composed by QuasarSonic, and marked the composer seal for action and fantastic movie genres.

Composed in the fall of 2004, the plot of the story explores the edge between action and fantasy, adding a high elevated load of drama in the final resolution of the story, and the score reflects this characters along itself.


ROXANA'S WORD (2004 Drama).

Roxana is in a dilemma: she keeps a double relationship with father and son.

Mixing drama, romanticism and vaudeville, the short explores the feelings of Roxana and her relationship with both men.

Due to the lenght of the short timing, the score is composed for a lot of small pieces, that explores the drama and thrilling feelings of the main character, Roxana.

Although this main genres are developed through the film, the score includes two special tracks: the final vaudeville scene, wich breacks the drama into a very comical end, and the original theme song "This Is Not Love", specially composed for the film.


CODE (2007 Thriller).

The story of one man who goes to a village closed to the foreign, whose people decided many years ago to change even their own vocabulary.


THE TRAP (2008 Thriller).

One young man chases a girl through the forest with bad intentions. The next day, the corpse of the man is found in the forest.