In a future were there are no men, two young policewomen will take their baptism of fire like agents of law when they will must arrest Michaela Tomasi, the most dangerous criminal of the city.

The story of 2038 talks about a future dated many years after the end of the Third World War, in a society without men, who were finally extincted by the action of contaminant agents generated in the war.

The score was composed in the summer of 2008, and the premiere took place on 24 October 2008. This was the first collaboration between director Rubén Arnaiz and QuasarSonic.

There are plans to film a reinterpretation of 2038: THE FUTURE OF THEM, witch will be written and directed by Rubén Arnaiz, and produced by AMBLOST MEDIA S.L.


01. Logo
02. Main Credits
03. First Combat
04. First Encounter
05. Training
06. Lara and Mila in the Ring
07. At the Captain's Office
08. Gloria's Report
09. You Can Come, If You Don't Want to Feel Alone
10. At Lara's Home
11. Love Theme
12. Has Been Seen Michaela
13. Arriving at Michaela's House
14. Michaela's House
15. Michaela Tortures Mila
16. Fight of Lara and Michaela
17. The Kiss
18. Finale
19. End Credits


© QuasarSonic 2008
The score has won the Award Of Merit at the Global Music Awards (GMA) in California (USA), in the April 2012 edition.